Who are remarkable persons from Russian Empire involved in the movement of Romantic music?
Who are popular people received the award of Commander with Star of the Order of Polonia Restituta with the name of Władysław?
Who are famous persons citizen of Russian Empire with the family name of Demidov?
Who are significant persons citizen of Colombia and member of C.D. Marathón?
Who are famous persons nominated for Academy Award for Best Original Song and Grammy Award for Record of the Year?
Who are significant people received the award of Foreign Member of the Royal Society and Hall of Fame of German Research?
Who are remarkable people born in Brezno and speaking Slovak?
Who are notable people with works in Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden and National Library of Wales?
Who are popular people having works in Joslyn Art Museum and Hermitage Museum?
Who are popular people member of Aragua FC and Estudiantes de Mérida (AKD)?
Who are popular people residents of Dobříš with the family name of Lionová?
Who are famous people member of Persiba Balikpapan and Persis Solo F.C.?
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